The 5 best restaurants in Es Pujols

I started 2020 with a very gastronomic spirit, I know. Recently I published my favorites of San Ferran and Sant Francesc, and since Formentera is an island to eat it, I will continue with my 5 best restaurants in Es Pujols. I always say the same thing, but it must be said: This is my personal opinion, based on my experience, and if you look at other rankings or opinion websites you may find people who have a different vision or who know places that I do not have knowledge.

My website is also open to your collaboration so that we all know even more. You can, for example, leave your opinion and assessment about the beaches we have in Formentera, or about the hotels on the island.

In any case, if your experience on the palate is demanding and you go to any of these sites, come back here to leave me a comment and tell me what you thought.


Bocasalina is one of those restaurants that are really expensive because they are worth it. The attention is of first-as in the whole island, with exceptions-, the views are a privilege and the food is made with the best ingredients. If you ask them to recommend something they will probably talk about their paellas, their meats (sirloin or hamburger) and their seafood. Pay attention to them. And don’t go to order dessert somewhere else, which there are people who go to Bocasalina just for desserts.

Can Tomate

You will have already realized that in Formentera the local Mediterranean cuisine (with fish and seafood in the front row) coexists with the Italian wonders. It is not by chance that we have many, many Italian visitors. In Can Tomate you will be able to taste excellent pasta with fish (black spaghetti with lobster, or prawns) and the best pizzas on the island. Eye, cheap is not. And in a hurry you can’t go. But the day you want a whim, let it be in Can Tomate.

Note: Can Tomate is currently closed.


Neither meat nor fish? Integral is one of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants on the island. And beware, the vegetables that leave this land are just as wonderful as the treasures that leave the sea. You will get to know dishes and recipes that you didn’t even know existed, such as broccoli and mint cream, or tagliatele with celery pesto. Simple, original and healthy.


Salmon, crayfish, sea bass, squid … And a most cozy place. I love how Casanita is decorated. As before, all very Italian, an extensive letter that will make it difficult for you to choose. And one of the best tiramisus in Europe! You will also find that it is not the cheapest, but if you like fish, it is the place.

Carmen by Blanco

Mediterranean cuisine elevated to its maximum exponent. Boquerón Coca, 100% from Formentera peasant salad, creamy rice with idiazabal cheese and pear, squid with ‘bruta’, flaó … If you want to eat well-made food here to feel a little more here like me, go to Carmen Restaurant and let them surprise you. I go every year at least once!

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