Fig trees in the landscape

Formentera is not only junipers and pines. There is one more element in our rich flora that gives the landscape of the island that characteristic, Mediterranean look. It is something typical for our village tradition: the fig tree.

Fig trees in Formentera

There are many fig trees in our lands and we take really good care of them. There are several institutions dedicated to preserve them, because they are very old trees. If you come and visit the island, you can check by yourself – our figs are the best you’ll ever taste. They are resilient and adapt easily, but they also require a minimal care.

In the Jorge Demerson book ‘Legends of Ibiza’ (a book that we highly recommend), there is a legendary explanation of the twisted form that the fig tree has. According to the legend, Ibiza was once the paradise of Adam and Eve, which is not hard to imagine. And, what we have always thought was an apple, was actually a sweet fig. The fig tree was aware of being the forbidden fruit, therefore it it folded itself from shame, getting those hypnotic and winding form.

Formentera fig trees have a titanic proportions, they are incredibly big. They are underpinned by  owners with poles to facilitate the collection of the fruit, and thus, provide an exquisite shade in the hot, summer months.

The spring transformation of the fig tree, from a frayed skeleton to the green monument, is spectacular. This beautiful view brings a lot of joy to all Formentera citizens and reminds us, who we are and where we are going. It’s like a symbol that reminds us that we are at home.

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