Yo soy Formentera, a special island in the sea of Internet

Sargantana en Formentera

As Formentera remains a paradise in the Mediterranean sea, the website that you are visiting was born as a online guide, a quality destination and reference for tourism and also for neighbors of our precious island. Maybe, before you got here, you have browsed pages and advertisements and have passed through areas, that didn’t meet your expectations and were not able to give you what you wanted. Today, you have dock in yosoyformentera.com and we hope to be your final destination. Welcome to our site!

This site starts its life now. It is based on the collaboration between inhabitants and passionate fans of this beautiful island. All of our guests who visit our page, can find in one place all the information they need to enjoy our environment and make the most of every minute of their stay in Formentera.

We are also aware that businesses and professionals in this island have a lot to share, so this kind of internet space, where they can present themselves and show their advantages, will benefit us all. We want to become a form of compendium, informing where to find the best places in Formentera. Do you have a restaurant, a shop, a hostel or hotel, a water sports or excursion business or a rent a vehicle of any kind? Are you one of our prestigious craftsmen? Whatever it is that you do, please contact us  and we will provide all the information on how we can work together.

Advice about Formentera for everybody

Besides having a profound knowledge about this beautiful place and being able to prepare a valuable tips for visitors, we also come from the world of graphic design, web design and digital marketing, and we have used all our talents to make this project the best it could be. Yo Soy Formentera is a modern website with the current resources for a good search engine positioning, adaptable to the continuous changes in this ecosystem and most importantly, it’s an honest web. If you think there is anything we could improve? Please, contact us!

We want to give special thanks to all of the companies that have collaborated in the development of this initiative, the residents of Formentera and especially to you for strolling through our pages. Here, you can find all necessary information about Formentera beaches, places to sleep or to eat, the sports that can be practiced and sites of cultural or historical interest, etc. If you do not know anything about Formentera and need some tips, we would like to close this opening text with a few suggestions prepared by our team:

If Formentera were…

Una foto: Alguna de la serie ‘Entre 2 tierras’ de Alejandro Marí, o la famosa fotografía ‘Espalmador’ del gran Toni Riera.

A Song: The complex “Formentera Lady” by King Crimson, the amusing “Remember Formentera” by Glutamate Ye-ye or indigenous “Lluna de Formentera” by Tomeu Penya..
A Movie: Yes, of course, ‘Sex and Lucia’ by Julio Medem, but also ‘More’ by Pink Floyd, a very authentic movie, but a very hard to find.

A Dish: A Fideuá or the sobrasada (spicy sausage), salted fish, the payesa salad …

An Animal: A lizard in the sun, manly a sargantana, which, for us, is a symbol.

Sargantana en Formentera

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