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Ibiza Formentera Ferry

The Ibiza Formentera Ferry trip is constant throughout the year, but in summer this ferry intensifies its operation thanks to the activities of the island. And this is because Formentera has no airport, so the only way to get to the island will be by boat.


Yo soy Formentera puts at your disposal this form of sale of Ibiza Formentera Ferry tickets provided by Trasmapi. The purchase of the ticket will be made directly with this company and the confirmation of the reservation will be made directly with the shipping company through an email. If you prefer, you can also make the reservation of the ticket through the Trasmapi page.

Why you should book your Ibiza Formentera Ferry ticket

Ferry Ibiza a Formentera

Booking your ticket weeks or even months before leaving has several advantages that you will not have if you do it directly at the box office. For example:

You make sure you have the ticket purchased.
Once booked, you can forget about it and focus on organizing your vacation.
You will have discounts that will not be made at the box office.
You can leave the schedule open both on the way out and on the way back.

  • You make sure you have the ticket purchased.
  • Once booked, you can forget about it and focus on organizing your vacation.
  • You will have discounts that will not be made at the box office.
  • You can leave the schedule open both on the way out and on the way back.

Discounts on the Ibiza Formentera ferry ticket

Booking from this website in the form you have above or from the direct link to the Trasmapi website you can count on a discount of up to 8% on the final price using our promotion code 2020YOSOYFORMENTERA.

This discount will not be made at the box office, a fundamental advantage of making the reservation in advance.

Book your Ibiza Formentera ferry with open round trip

If you are still not sure what time your plane leaves or if it will give you time to arrive on the next ferry since you arrive in Ibiza, booking your ticket will be another great advantage. Since it allows you to get your discount on the ticket without closing the schedule. It is as easy as choosing the round trip days on the form and once you are referred to the Trasmapi page to formalize the purchase, the first schedule option will be “Open”, with which you will leave the ticket open.

Take the car on the ferry Ibiza Formentera

If you are thinking of taking your car to the island, you should know that since 2019, the Consell de Formentera has launched an online portal to regulate the entry of vehicles that come from abroad. So if you are thinking of coming to Formentera in July or August with your own vehicle, you must request the permit at formentera.eco.

This measure (for now) will be in force during the summer months due to the mass of vehicles in the summer season. So the rest of the year there is usually no problem.

All routes to get to Formentera

To get to Formentera you can do it either by direct ferry from the peninsula or taking Ibiza as its origin.

Ferry Ibiza Formentera

The most demanded destinations to reach Ibiza in the summer months are Barcelona, Denia and Ibiza. For any of these destinations, you can book your ticket to Formentera from here.

How to get from the airport to the port of Ibiza

If you are planning to enjoy a few days in Ibiza, it is very likely that you want to enjoy one of them on a round trip to Formentera.

If, on the contrary, your destination is Formentera from beginning to end, there is a distance of about eight kilometers from the airport to the port of Ibiza where you can catch the ferry. I tell you how to get there.

To get to the port of Ibiza from the airport, you can do it by public bus or by taxi. If you prefer the bus, the line you must take is number 10 and the cost is € 3.5 versus about € 20-25 which will cost you the taxi.

Your ferry to Formentera will depart from the port of Ibiza. In summer, these ferries are constantly leaving.

Ferry Tickets to Formentera from Ibiza, the best option

Traveling to Formentera is stepping on an island that offers us a lot of opportunities. In summer the island enjoys magnificent economic and tourist health. But there are many visitors who prefer to stay on the island in the months of less influx and thus avoid overcrowding.

In this way, the ferry trips in the less hot months of the year are also constant and you can be on the island in a quieter way. Once we take the ferry and reach Formentera we can relax with nature or bet on risk sports.

The best shipping companies to reach Formentera

These are the most requested shipping companies to reach Formentera.

Ibiza Formentera ferry schedules

Horarios de ferry Ibiza Formentera

We wait for you in Formentera!

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Book a motorcycle next to your ferry ticket

If you already have your ticket from Ibiza to Formentera, you are interested in having a vehicle with which to move around the island. Depending on whether you come alone, as a couple, with family or friends, I recommend one or another vehicle.

Rent a motorbike in Formentera