A round trip to Formentera

Caló des Morts, Formentera

Yes, Formentera is the last paradise of the Mediterranean. It is what is said and it is a proven fact. Perhaps this is why the visit is inexcusable even if it is only to enjoy for a day in your life its many charms. Is it possible to know and take advantage of a day in Formentera? This island is small, but you could spend weeks touring all the material and immaterial it has. Anyway, if what you have is one day, we will squeeze it to the fullest so that it becomes an unforgettable day and captivates you enough to want to return as soon as possible.

Descarga la guía de Formentera en un día

Enjoy a day in Formentera

We start by arrival. If you access the island by ferry – come early that we have to take advantage of the day – the first thing you should do is rent a vehicle to move around a relatively small island. Keep in mind that Formentera does not have a large area, so any point is accessible if you travel by car or motorcycle.

Rent a car for a day in Formentera

In the Puerto de la Savina, where ferries dock, you can pick up your previously reserved vehicle. The roads on the island are narrow and the parking restrictions on beaches or natural enclaves give the motorcycle an extra accessibility, especially in summer.

Formentera, its history and its nature

Faro de la Mola, Formentera

If, in addition to visiting our beaches, you want to take a little history, not far away, between the Estany Pudent pond and the town of Es Pujols, you will find the funerary monument Ca na Costa, the proof that there was a stable town at the beginning of The Bronze Age But if what fascinates you is the spectacular landscape, take a walk around the Mola Lighthouse, in the easternmost and highest part of the island, a magical place even for Julio Verne himself, and that you will have very handy from the Port of La Savina, about 20 kilometers along the main road of Formentera.

What have you not taken pictures yet? Returning from the lighthouse do not forget to stop at the El Mirador Restaurant, from where you can take some spectacular photos from the height. You will find it once leaving Pilar de la Mola, in a recess to the left.

You also have access to two of the seven mills that are part of the ethnological heritage of the island (although 6 are currently preserved): the Molí d’en Botigues and the Molí de Ses Roques, constructions that give an idea of the importance that He had cereal on the island and remind us that it was not always a tourist destination, and his wealth was measured in wheat grains.

A day on the beaches of Formentera

Playas que no hay que perderse durante un día en Formentera
In order: Illetes, Cala d’es Morts, Es Pujols. Photography: javiergomiz.com

Choose the shore where you want to dive before going in search. If you decide for a day in Formentera that is a beach beach, you have several options but we point out some that you will surely like: Cala d’es Morts is a small and bright bay, where you can take the first dip, just two kilometers below. On the beaches d’Illetes, in the northernmost part of Formentera that is part of the Ses Salines natural park, you will enjoy white sand and turquoise blue water that are the envy of the entire Mediterranean. If you come from Caló d’es Morts, simply go to the village of Sant Ferran and follow the signs. Mind you, in season you will have to pay a symbolic tax to access them, a contribution that helps us maintain the island as it was known by all the visitors who arrived before and that guarantees that those who come in the future will find it. If you think that with this tribute you get that a beach that gives us life and nature is not overcrowded, you will understand. From there you can take a leap to the island of Espalmador, another tourist attraction, and even embark on one of the water activities that Formentera offers you. In Cala Saona we recommend a bath, even a quick one.

His traditional dishes

In a day in Formentera you will not be able to devote much time to shopping for souvenirs from Formentera, although some of the markets are evening. Inevitably, before that you will have to recharge the batteries. In the list of typical dishes of Formentera, the bullit de ratjada, stewed stripe with chopped almonds, or the bullit de peix, rice with the fish stock stand out. And what about fideuá that is not a sigh. If you want to taste this dish with all its consequences, approach Es Pujols. Check the restaurants we have on our website.

Por orden: Iglesia de Sant Francesc, Puesta de sol en Cala Saona
By order: Church of Sant Francesc, Sunset in Cala Saona. Photography: javiergomiz.com

A tea or a coffee in the Plaza de Sant Francesc, which is five kilometers (ten minutes by car) to try to look at an easy green route to end the day, which could be a wonderful culmination, especially if we have managed to eat soon and we still have enough energy. In any case, if you appreciate Formentera in some way and want to be able to tell that you have been here, do not even think about leaving this island without seeing a good sunset. One of the most recommended can be from the Faro des Cap de Barbaria (the same view with which you stopped breathing in the movie ‘Lucia and sex’). Or if the night catches you and you want to stay until tomorrow with a mojito in your hand, go to the Blue Bar on Migjorn beach.

Come back soon!

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