Taxi in Formentera

Taking a taxi in Formentera is not a difficult task today compared to a few years ago. Formentera is perfectly prepared for the mass tourism that arrives in the summer season. Therefore, you will not have problems if what you need is to move on this public transport from the moment you leave the Ferry. There will be a few waiting in the same port. In the summer months, the Radio Taxi service operates 24 hours a day.

Taxi en Formentera

Taxi stops in Formentera

The stops are located in the three main villages, La Savina (where the port is), Es Pujols (the most touristy) and Sant Francesc (the capital of Formentera). If you want to know how to take them or check the rates, or if you want them to go looking for you, call the following phones that we leave below.

Taxi phones in Formentera

Taxi prices in Formentera

The cost of the trip will depend on the distance of the route. There are no fixed taxi fares in Formentera. But if you go to the comments section, it is likely that your question regarding the path you will take has already been answered.

The reality is that ordering a taxi in Formentera is not the cheapest option, but it is the most comfortable public transport to get around in Formentera.

How much does a taxi cost in Formentera?

These are the most requested queries about the prices of some taxi routes in Formentera:

  • From the Port of La Savina to Es Pujols – About € 15.
  • From the Port of La Savina to Es Calo de Sant Agusti – Between € 15 and € 20.
  • From the Port of La Savina to the Faro de la Mola – About € 30.
  • From the Port of La Savina to Ses Illetes – About € 13.

Alternatives to the taxi in Formentera