How to get around in Formentera

Touring our landscapes on two wheels, motorcycle or bicycle, is one of the great pleasures that our visitors come looking for how to get around in Formentera.

Formentera is one of the smallest islands of the Balearic Islands, the little sister of Ibiza. It has an area of just over 80km2 and a maximum distance of about 20km2 from end to end. Its short distances allow you to move around the island with ease. By bicycle, motorcycle or car or using public transport that the island offers.

How to get around in Formentera

We have designed this map of Formentera for you. With it you will have their villages, beaches and lighthouses located. As well as all the places of interest that help you better plan your stay.

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Choose the means of transport in Formentera that best suits your tastes and needs. Being a small island, you won’t have to worry about traffic or costs.

The best way to get around Formentera

As I said, Formentera is not a very large island, so, although it depends on many of your circumstances, our recommendation is that you rent a bicycle or a motorcycle to move around here.

It is not the same to come to Formentera as a couple, as if you do it with friends or come with the whole family. Every occasion you need your corresponding vehicle. If you already have it clear, you just have to book right now and benefit from more than 15% discount with the promotion code I am Formentera. In uppercase or lowercase, we don’t care 🙂

Other ways to get around in Formentera

You can also make use of public transport, either bus or taxi for longer journeys. And you? What means of transport do you prefer to get around Formentera? Tell us in the comments. We are looking forward to reading you!

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