Es Cap de Barbaria en Formentera

Rent a motorbike in Formentera

Rent the motorbike in Formentera before traveling

When you book your motorcycle in Formentera you ensure not only that it will be waiting for you, but that you will avoid queues and find more attractive prices with our discount code YO SOY FORMENTERA.

Reservar una moto en Formentera

For reasons of environmental sustainability, Formentera applies restrictions on the circulation of vehicles in some areas, so that most travelers do what they do is arrange a rental before leaving. No wonder because they are just over 12,000 inhabitants in 83.24 square kilometers. The island has the only connection that is by sea and with the island of Ibiza.

Formentera offers several coves where you can enjoy all year round, such as Cala Saona, Es Caló de San Agustí or Migjorn Beach, ideal for sunbathing or enjoying the scenery. The bike will make it easier to get where you want.

Now, if you rent the motorcycle before making the trip, you have several advantages. So you should value them to make the most of what is still an investment. Fundamentally, we can highlight three aspects:

3 reasons why you should rent a motorbike in Formentera

1. You will insure the vehicle

You do not have insurance to have a motorcycle in Formentera if you do not agree to rent before, especially in high season because it is likely that they are all under control. For this reason, you don’t have to have a hard time when it’s as easy as calling the company if you’re sure you’re going to visit the island. Thus, from the first moment you can enjoy your stay in Formentera.

2. You will access discounts with the code YO SOY FORMENTERA

When you rent a vehicle in advance, you can access discount codes that will make travel and transportation cheaper. Motorcycle rental companies offer this possibility. In the end, the maximum beneficiary will be you as a consumer. On the other hand, it is convenient for you to know that the codes can also be applied to the ferry ticket or to the accommodation, so, if you intend to be several days on the island, it is convenient for you to rent before or after.

3. You will have the option to choose

When there are few motorcycles available, it is normal that there is not much to choose from and that is always an inconvenience because, in general, you will have to keep what others have not wanted. This does not mean that the vehicle is not well, but we all like to have the possibility to choose. One of the advantages of agreeing to rent the motorcycle in advance is that you can choose from several options and that is always good for a satisfactory travel experience.


The motorbike rental in Formentera is the ideal model if you visit the island alone or with another person. For this reason, we recommend that you agree with us the conditions so that you do not have problems and save an amount.

Reserva una moto en Formentera

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