Rent a bike in Formentera


If you really want to enjoy Formentera and make the most of your stay, you should get up from the chair and hit the road. Even, if only for one day. Moving around Formentera by bike is obviously the most economical and environmentally friendly way. You can rent bikes for less than 10 € per day and do not spend anything more than energy and oxygen.

Using bicycle as a way of transportation will allow you to move around in a relaxed, comfortable way and to enjoy the scenery around you. Taking the route, might bring you more pleasure, than reaching the final destination.

In Formentera we have special bike lanes implemented precisely to encourage this activity. You can also choose rarely attended field roads, where you can lose yourself and feel totally free.

Bike rentals are so popular, that they usually include roadside assistance services, locks and helmets. Once you made up your mind, you have a really wide choice. You can choose a tour bike, race bike,  mountain bike or a special one with little engine. You can also rent a bike for your kinds or just a child seat to attach to your bicycle.

If you don’t want to go alone for a bike ride, you can go for a guided tour, with all detailed planned to make your ride unforgettable. When it comes to choosing one of our green routs, please keep in mind, that during July and August the sun might be to strong to pass the entire route. In any case, don’t forget to hydrate. That’s a basic!

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