How to get to Formentera

San Valero - Formentera

As you know, Formentera doesn’t have an airport. Far from being a disadvantage, it actually give to the island a greater value, because it helps to keep it as a natural and peaceful destination, dedicated for tourists seeking true rest and isolation from the madding crowd. You can reach the island by sea from Ibiza, Denia and Mallorca, and you can choose the path that suits you according to your origin preferences.  We have gathered for you some useful tips and links, which you can find below:

How to get to Formentera from Ibiza

You can fly to Ibiza, the biggest of all Balearic Islands, which is seven times larger than our island. Ibiza Airport supports eighteen airlines. Among them, there are twelve direct connections with Spanish, Dutch and English destinations, which can also connect you with the rest of Europe. Another way to get to Ibiza is by boat from Barcelona, Valencia, Denia or Mallorca. However, this option is not very practical and it’s recommended only, if you want to drive across Baleares with your own car.

1. From the airport to the port of Ibiza

Puerto de Formentera
Barco en el Puerto de la Savina. Formentera

Once ashore, you can’t get lost. When you go out of the Ibiza airport, there is a bus stop, just on your right side. You have to take bus number 10 (Ibiza – Aeroport), which operates daily from 6.30 am to 00.30 pm and departs every 30 minutes (every 20 minutes in summer). Once you get the bus, sixteen stops separate you from the port of Ibiza. It takes half an hour to get there and it costs less than four euros. Taking this bus is the best option, unless you go with a heavy luggage. In this case you could also take a taxi. Furthermore, you should know that there are other alternatives that include private service “shuttle bus“, which is a very modern and comfortable way of transportation. Some of them you can book online.

2. The port of Ibiza to Formentera

There are many companies that offer ferry service between the port of Ibiza and La Savina in Formentera, which is the smallest port in Balearic Islands. The tip can cost between 20 and 30 euros (between 40 and 50 if you book round trip) and the frequency varies across the year, being more intense between June and September. We strongly advise you buy your ticket online and just forget about queues, complicated schedules and last minute surprises. Below you find some of the companies which cover this route:


3. From other coves and beaches to Formentera

There are many other ferries that do not come from the port of Ibiza, but from coves and nearby beaches and offer a cheaper and easier transport. Furthermore, they accept online ticket booking. Two most popular companies are: AquaBus Ferries or Santa Eulalia.

How to get to Formentera from Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante

There is one more option to choose from. You can travel directly from the Iberian Peninsula to the port of La Savina in Formentera. It is a pretty good option, especially if you live in one of this cities or near them. Balearia, for example, has activated a maritime connection between Denia (Alicante) and our island during the high season. Also Transmediterránea connects directly Formentera with Valencia and Barcelona.

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