Unforgettable family paradise

Actividades en Kayak Formentera

Formentera is also a paradise for unforgettable family holiday. Our pure waters and beautiful, natural spots are the best places for you and your family to enjoy all types of activities. We can boast a mild climate, which allow us to offer you a year round family entertainment.

The peaceful and transparent sea of Formentera, which we owe to the Great Barrier of Oceanic Posidonia that calms the waves and filters the waters, make the snorkeling [link to snorkel] a unique and safe experience for young and adults. The clarity of the Balearic sea surrounding our island, allows you to admire the colorful fish that swim in the shore and a lovely seabed full of different shades: white sand, brown rock formations and green seagrass meadows making our beaches a perfect place for family baths.

Kayak Formentera
Kayak en familia en Formentera

If your family feels like a fish in the water, you might wanna take adventage of one of our water activities. All the courses are dedicated for both adults and the kids over 4 years old. You can choose from: kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing [link to do the Natural island] and many more. It is a unique chance to see the impressive cliffs and aquatic caves hidden in our shores.

The local sailing school offers courses tailored to the kids and focused mostly on enjoying sailing and other family water sports. This learning center is located in a unique settings of the Estany des Peix, a beautiful lake open to the sea, situated near the La Savina port. It is known as a special protection area for birds and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This lagoon has quiet calm water, a perfect spot for children to enjoy the summer bath.

Camino Romano. Ruta verde
Camino Romano. Ruta verde

This Mediterranean environment with amazing coast and beautiful dunes, has perfectly preserved native fauna and flora. This is an ideal destination for eco friendly family who likes horse riding, biking, hiking or motorcycle trips on flat areas. You can explore the island easily, during 30 minutes ride on green routes. On your way you can find defense constructions from the pirate era, lighthouses emerging from cliffs and old windmills, which will arouse the curiosity of your children, making them feel as fairytale explorer.

In our island there are also several places designed especially for family entertainment. Apart from visiting playgrounds like the Frank Jackson located in Sant Francesc Xavier, you can also go to Formentera the sports center and try out one of many options, like for example: skating rinks, tennis court, basketball court or swimming pools. They even have one shallow pool dedicated for little kids, who have their first contact with water. If your kids are already teenagers, they might like the Youth Centre, with a cultural offer for young people between the ages of 10 to 26 years. Other alternative is the Summer Campus, where kids between 4 and 16 years old can practice some inland and water sports.

Another great place for families are craft markets with various musical performances. The most remarkable is the one in Sant Ferran, which stimulates the fantasy in both, adults and kids. You can come here and listen to the storytellers, play with clowns or take part in workshops. The market takes place on Saturdays in August and September. If you come to Formentera in mid-December, do not forget to visit Diverspai, our annual event for kids with numerous attractions.

On our island there are more than 150 options of accommodation, such as hotels, hostels or guest houses [link to Where to sleep]. The best alternative, just next to tourists apartments, are the rural houses. They are fully equipped with stove, microwave and all other amenities that allow you to have relaxed holidays with you family.



Even tough, the distances in Fromentera are pretty small, the most comfortable way of transportation for a family is car or a taxi. Both can be equipped with child seat if needed [link to How to move]. Moreover, many bars on the island, have services adapted to the needs of your kids.

We are very happy to welcome families from all over the Europe, who want to learn more about our beautiful island. Visit in Formentera will be an amazing experience which your children will remember all their lives. And one day, when they recall those wonderful, calm and full of fun moments, they will thank you for that. And who knows? They might repeat the experience and bring here your grandchildren a few decades later.


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