Relax and enjoy

Playa de Levante, Formentera

Formentera is an idyllic place to unwind and relax. It is a vanishing point, a ground to regain our natural essence and forget about the troubles of European progress. Here we usually say, that if you come to Formentera for a week, you can know the island a little bit, but if you come for two weeks, you will never want to go back. It might be because of the Posidonia, the pine forests, the dunes, because of the hippie nature or its ancestral references. One thing is sure, Formentera is full of magnetic energy and catches everybody who step on it. This happen not only to you, but also to the settlers, who first arrived to the island: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Visigoths and Christians. In the recent decades mostly to Italian and Spanish hippies.

Relájate y disfruta de Formentera

On our land and in our water you can practice alternative and sustainable sports, which generate adrenaline, but there are also other activities that you must try. A sunset at Cala Saona, a cafe in the town square of Sant Francesc or morning look into the infinity from La Mola lighthouse – these are just few of many things that will bring you peace, tranquility and communion with the environment.

Higueras al atardecer en Formentera

We recommend you to let yourself go with the nature of Formentera and enjoy every moment as if it would be the last one. Take off your shoes and feel the sand, ground or water. Than you realize how much you need this contact with nature. The island will do the rest and recharge your energy. And when you return home and feel that your tie or skirt tightened, the car is cold and the city smells of concrete, remember the horizon from Formentera and what it gave to you. That person is who you really are.


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