Getting married in Formentera

Boda en Formentera

A beach wedding has a particular charm. The sunsets and the blue sea and the warm temperatures during most of the year, make Formentera a perfect spot for the most important day of your life. Therefore, each year more couples choose this island to celebrate this special event.

If you want a unique wedding, get marry in Formentera. This small island has everything you need to guarantee comfort, relaxation and an unforgettable experience, going along with the charm of a natural paradise that takes your breathe away. It will be a gift for you and your guests.

You can choose the type of ceremony that suits your taste and budget. Whatever the style and setting you choose, there is nothing that could go wrong. And if you do not have much time to coordinate logistics, you can always depend on the companies providing comprehensive services for weddings in Formentera, such as: Formentera Bodas and Formentera Weddings.

Get merry in Formentera church

There are 3 small, white, secluded churches in Formentera. First, Sant Francesc Xavier, is located in the center of the island. Built as a fortress in the early eighteenth century, to ward off the pirates invading Formentera. This temple is the oldest and largest of Formentera. It is located about three kilometers away from La Savina port and it’s carrying the same name as the city that it is located in.

To the east, you have the Nuestra Señora del Pilar church. It is located near the lighthouse, on the plateau of La Mola. It is a small building made of sandstone and lime mortar. It was built by popular demand in the late eighteenth century and in 1925 was added a porch as a additional space.

The church of San Fernando de ses Roques is the most modern of the three. It was built in the late nineteenth century and, unlike the other two, doesn’t have white plastered walls, but it kept the oryginal sandstone walls.

Get merry in Formentera in a civil ceremony

Many couples choose to hold the ceremony through the Civil Registry or municipality. You can also do it in Formentera, but keep in mind that you should start organizing it at your place of residence. The Magistrates Court and Civil Registry of Formentera have a blog, where they offer information on the necessary procedures and on how to make any reservations. The Town Hall is located in Sant Francesc Xavier, near the church that carry the same name. The Council of Formentera establishes fees for the use of municipal spaces. The price oscillate around 150 euros.

If your favorite is the ceremony by the sea, you have a choice of hotels like the Gecko Beach Club or Formentera Playa, where, in the same venue, you can have the wedding, the banquet and accommodation for your guests. But if you are looking for a little bit different environment for your wedding day, you can find it too. There are several restaurants and bars near the beach, for example: Es Moli de Sal or Flipper and Chiller. In those places, you can have a genuine relaxed wedding.

The bride’s dress

If you decide to have a laid back ceremony, you shouldn’t forget about the wedding adlib dress (a typical dress from Ibiza). There are many designers in Formentera, like: Eva Cardona, Es Baladre or Macramé, that can offer you something unique for your special day. And if the ceremony will take place on the beach, forget about the heels …

There are also few hairdressers to your disposal, such as: 38 Grados Paralelo, Sonia Caroli or Peluquería Raquel. And for those, who wish to hold a nice flower bouquet, there are 2 florists: Floristería Formentera and Kentia. Both located in Sant Francesc and both with an  exquisite taste for the flower arrangements.

Formentera is a perfect destination for wedding and for honeymoon. But that’s not all. It’s also a plece for unforgettable trips with your friends and family. Getting merry in Formentera is like signing an alliance with nature and sealing your love in the horizon.

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