Formentera at night

With all the interesting things that Formentera has to offer during day, it is not surprising that also at night our island is a very special place.

When the sun goes down and you start looking for a place to enjoy the night, you should  keep in mind that our parties are nothing like the ones celebrated in other islands or anywhere else in our country. Many of our visitors come to the island attracted by our Flower Power parties, which have amazing hippie charm. There is no prejudice here and the hedonism has a different meaning.


Dates for  Flower Power at Formentera 2016

Youth events are organized in particular agenda. They include some of the most unique music sessions in the world. Flower Power Parties have changed our towns and have kept the amazing essence of sixties and seventies, with the symbol of peace, free love and fantastic music gigs.

These hippie parties have started in Sant Francesc and they have been held there every year in late July. Another famous event takes place in La Mola. It is coinciding with the beginning of summer (June 21). It is another Flower Power party, which all Formentera citizens participate with special dedication. Between those two parties, there is another one, in Es Pujols. This one is held in an incomparably beautiful scenery, on the soft sand of the local beach. By the way, one of the most requested DJ of these  Flower Power parties is DJ Pharma, who, at the same time, is a pharmacist in Sant Ferran.


Do not expect in Formentera the same night life as in Ibiza. If what you are looking for is the wildness of the Ibiza nights, you can always take a ferry, that goes regularly between two islands and have some fun in the most prestigious and exclusive European discos. Here, the nightlife looks different. In fact, the only club we have on the island is called Xueño and does not seem to have that crazy crowd. It is located in Es Pujols.

In Formentera it is more popular to go to a beach bar or beer garden to admire the sunset – believe me, you have not seen a sunset like this in your life – and let the night fall upon us with all its consequences. I am talking about places like: Indiana Café, Pachanga or Reality in Es Pujols; Pirata Bus, Bianco and Flipper Chiller in the Migjorn area; Fonda Pepe in Sant Ferran (which is very bohemian, typical Formentera style) or Big Sur in the Illetes beach.

But probably the most famous place, which stays in the memory of the our guests for the longest, is the Blue Bar in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques. You can enjoy here your drinks or dinner, before the moon wins your heart.

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