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Shopping in Formentera

Costa Formentera, Interior de tienda

You always find a little time to take a stroll along more touristic areas of the island and stop in front of a window that catches your attention. If you visit Formentera you should also find some time to visit these markets.

[item url=”https://www.yosoyformentera.com/?p=11217″ titulo=”La Mola Artisan Market” resumen=”An icon, dating back to the hippie days of the island, with over than 30 years of history” imagen=”https://www.yosoyformentera.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/arte-mola-flickr-samu.jpg”]

[item url=”https://www.yosoyformentera.com/?p=11220″ titulo=”Sant Ferran Artisan Market” resumen=”More than crafts, you’ll find here art: painting, jewelry, fashion, etc.“]

[item url=”https://www.yosoyformentera.com/?p=11222″ titulo=”‘Antoni Tur Gabrielet’ Artisan Center” resumen=”Here you meet the traditions of Esparto, linen, wool, hemp …“]

[item url=”https://www.yosoyformentera.com/?p=11225″ titulo=”More shopping” resumen=”There’s nothing like a day dedicated to buy yourself little presents, souvenirs that you won’t find in any other place“]

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