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Scooter rental Formentera

Alquiler de moto en Formentera

Renting a scooters is, next to renting a bicycle, the most popular way of transportation in Formentera, especially in the warm months between March and October. If you plan to rent a motorcycle, try to make some arrangements in advance – make an online reservation or through your travel agency. This way you can avoid queues and find more attractive prices.

It is less environmentally friendly than the bike, but will give better and faster mobility. Also, you will be able to park it in more places or closer to your natural destination. Please respect Formentera eco rules and do not ignore the signs which indicate that crossing on a scooter is forbidden. These rules are made for the good of all of us.

The cost of renting a scooter is around 20 euros per day, plus fuel. This price usually includes insurance. Of course, we’re talking about small motorcycles or scooters, not a large motocycle, which wouldn’t be in harmony with the island.

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